190121, Russia
Angiyskiy st. 3. lit b,
office 401

tel.    +7 (812) 740 16-93
        +7 (812) 740 16-94
Telex: 94076387 FLAG
fax.    +7 (812) 740-16-97



Flagship Marine Agency realizes containerized shipment service at every terminal of Saint-Petersburg including:

  • Documents receipt in container line
  • Joint planning and operative coordination of different types of cargo works with containerized cargo at port terminals including:
    • Organizing of unshipping
    • Stuffing/unstuffing of the containers
    • Organizing all kind of inspections
      • Customs
      • Veterinary
      • Phitosanitary
        With full or partial unstuffing and follow-up stuffing of the cargo into container
    • Weighing of the containers
  • Inner port forwarding and customs clearance of the cargo including:
    • Control for cargo works at terminal
    • Providing paperwork of container movements at terminal
    • Issuing of feeder Bs/L
    • carrying out customs procedures in regards to placing and storing of the containers at customs controlled zones
    • providing paperwork of container moving in/out of the terminal, including under inner customs transit (VTT) procedure
    • organizing inspections and providing necessary paperwork for such
    • organizing stuffing/unstuffing using different technological schemes
    • issuing export orders for export cargoes
    • correction of feeder Bs/L
  • Organizing of container transportation by railway or trucks

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